New Condominium Offer to Purchase

The new condominium Offer to Purchase coming into effect on February 1, 2015 will not be immediately available in a final printed version document.

One minor amendment to the Offer to Purchase document is required and presently this matter is before cabinet awaiting approval.

Once approval is received plans are in place to have the final version printed as expeditiously as possible. In the interim the approved version of the Offer to Purchase document should be downloaded for use in all condominium transactions and is available on the websites of the Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) and the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC)

Any questions pertaining to this matter should be directed to the MREA at 204-772-0405 or the MSC at 204-945-2558.

The form is available at the following links:

Condominium Offer to Purchase - English - Français