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To All Real Estate Brokers, Authorized Officials and Salespersons
Province of Manitoba

April 22, 2002

Changes in Pre-licensing Education

The Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) in cooperation with and funding provided by The Manitoba Securities Commission has created a "broker challenge course" (the Course). The Course is an abridged version of the full broker's course and deals with legal and local real estate practice issues at the management level. The Course was created for several reasons, one of which is to serve as a refresher course for registrants who completed the broker's course but did not attain registration at a management level and years later decide to do so.

For the past number of years, a real estate salesperson could complete the broker's course and retain qualification to apply as a broker/authorized official at any time in the future, provided the person had the necessary two years' experience as a salesperson and maintained registration as a salesperson.

The Manitoba Securities Commission is informing all registrants of changes in the pre-licensing requirements for individuals applying at the management level that are being implemented in connection with the Course.

The changes will affect individuals applying after January 1, 2003

(a) for approval as manager of a real estate office pursuant to clause 3(6)(b) of The Real Estate Brokers Act, or
(b) as the Manitoba Representative of their broker pursuant to subsection 3(10) of the Act, or
(c) to establish their own brokerage.

This change will affect anyone applying in these categories after January 1, 2003 as they will first have to complete the Course to qualify if they completed the broker's course more than five years prior to applying.

Anyone who takes the Course will have six months to apply in one of these categories to maintain their qualification for registration in one of the categories.

The changes will not affect those currently registered in these categories unless they become unregistered for more than one year and, should that occur, the person would have to repeat the Course to qualify.

The changes will not affect those presently registered as an authorized official, but if they apply for registration in one of the categories after January 1, 2003, and took the broker's course more than five years ago, that person would have to take the Course to qualify for such registration.

The Course will be required for former authorized officials wishing to re-enter the industry and have to re-qualify by virtue of having been unregistered for more than one year. It will also be required for brokers from other jurisdictions applying as a broker/authorized official in Manitoba.

These changes do not change the fact that the broker's course will continue to be the pre-licensing educational requirement for registration as an authorized official/broker. In this regard the Course is not an option to having to complete the broker's course.

The changes comply with the National Code of Education and labour mobility provisions of the Internal Trade Agreement and reflect the Commission's and MREA's policy of up-grading the educational standards for real estate practitioners to maintain public protection and confidence in the real estate industry.

The Course is currently available through the MREA but, as indicated, the changes being implemented in connection with the Course for individuals applying in one of the categories will become effective after January 1, 2003. The cost of the Course is $395 or $300 without the Real Estate Encyclopedia. Additional information may be obtained from the MREA.

Brokers are requested to give all registered employees a copy of this notice. Please contact our office if there are any questions.


J.W. Storsley
The Real Estate Brokers Act