Private Sales Agent

Although the activities of a Private Sales Agent (“PSA”) usually are restricted to assisting a homeowner to conduct a private sale, these activities nevertheless may fall within the definition of “broker’ or ‘transaction” within the meaning of The Real Estate Brokers Act (the “Act”) with the result the PSA must be registered under the Act.

For further details on PSA’s who must be registered under the Act, click on Policies and Directives/Private Sales Agents – March 15, 2000.

For the Broker:

1. Qualification of Education and Experience:

(a) The broker/authorized official applicant will be required to write and pass the Commission’s exam for PSA’s;

(b) The fee to write the examination is $50.

2. Application for Registration:

(a) The broker/authorized official must obtain an exemption under section 47 of the Act from the provisions of section 4 and subsection 26(1) of the Act, and sections 14 and 15 of Manitoba Regulation 57/88; and

(b) Apply for registration as a broker on forms provided by the Registrar (Form RAO/RS(Rev.05) for the authorized official and Form MG-699 (Rev.00) for the broker;

(c) Submit the registration fee:

    • for registration of the broker/company $500
    • for registration of the authorized official $400

For Salespersons:

1. Application for Registration:

(a) The applicant must apply for registration on forms provided by the Registrar (Form RAO/RS(Rev.05));

(b) Submit the registration fee of $400.

2. Police Check:

Applicants (authorized official and salesmen) must provide a completed Securities Fraud Information Centre Records Request Form (this form is part of the application for registration, Form RAO/RS(Rev.05)). The check will be completed by the Commission as part of the registration process.