Property Manager

Individuals and companies engaging in property management on behalf of a third party (e.g. leasing, collection of rents, handling tenant issues) fall within the definition of “broker” or “transaction” established in The Real Estate Brokers Act, and requires that the manager must be registered under the Act.

The registration requirements are as follows:

1. Qualification

To be eligible for registration all property managers must have an individual qualify to act as their authorized official by completing the Principles of Property Management Course administered by The Manitoba Real Estate Association.

2. Registration Requirements:

(a) Individual broker-applicants (i.e. a proprietorship) must be qualified to be an authorized official.

(b) If the applicant is a corporation, the following applies:

  • must name at least one of its “officials” (as defined in the Act) to act as its authorized official;
  • if there is more than one authorized official, one must be designated the broker’s Manitoba Representative;
  • must provide proof of registration as a company under The Companies Act in Manitoba.

(c) If the applicant is a partnership, each member of the partnership who will be engaging in real estate transactions of behalf of the broker must be registered as an authorized official on behalf of the broker.

3. Application for Registration:

(a) Apply for registration on the approved form (Form MG-699 (Rev.00));

(b) Every broker must state in the application an address for service in Manitoba;

(c) Notify the Registrar of each proposed “branch office” (as defined in the Act), of the name and address of the authorized official who will be in charge of the office, and pay the $75 registration fee for each branch office;

(d) Submit the registration fee for the broker of $500 (annual renewal fee is $400).

(e) The individual who will be the authorized official must complete and file the approved form (Form RAO/RS(Rev.05)), and submit the registration fee of $400 (annual renewal fee is $400).

4. Operating under a Business or Trade Name:

Every broker proposing to operate under a business or trade name other than its own must provide the Registrar with proof of registration of that business or trade name under The Business Names Registration Act of Manitoba.

5. Trust Account:

(a) Every broker must provide the Registrar with evidence that the broker maintains an interest-bearing trust account at a branch of a bank, credit union or trust company in Manitoba, with the interest not claimed by clients payable to The Manitoba Securities Commission pursuant to a completed Broker’s Letter of Direction (this form is available from our office or on this website) which must accompany the application;

(b) Every broker must file with the Registrar annually, within four months after the end of the broker’s financial year, an Annual Trust Account Report prescribed in the Broker’s Trust Account Regulations.

6. Surety Bond or MREA Membership:

File with the application either a surety bond in an amount prescribed by the Regulations or a valid certificate of membership in The Manitoba Real Estate Association’s Real Estate Reimbursement Fund.

7. Salespeople

Individuals working for a property manager engaging in the following activities would require registration:

  • Advertising or showing rental property to prospective tenants or lessees.
  • Negotiating, or offering or attempting to negotiate a lease or rental agreement on behalf of property owners.
  • Dealing with owner/tenant issues on an ongoing basis.
  • Collecting rental payments, security deposits or other trust money on behalf of property owners.