Real Estate Salesperson

(a) Must be an individual of good character;

(b) At least 18 years old;

(c) Enroll in and pass the real estate salesperson’s course Real Estate as a Professional Career administered by The Manitoba Real Estate Association;

(d) Within two years after obtaining registration, the salesperson must complete two certificate courses (Real Estate Law and Real Estate Appraisal) administered by The Manitoba Real Estate Association.

As of January 1, 2014, the salesperson's course has been amended to encompass the articling courses. If you are unsure if you need to complete them, contact our office at

2. Application for Registration:

(a) Complete and file an application with the Registrar on the approved form (Form RAO/RS(Rev.05)), under the sponsorship of a licensed real estate broker;

(b) Submit the registration fee of $400 (annual renewal fee is $400).

3. Police Check:

Applicants must provide a completed Criminal Record Check Form (this form is part of the application for registration, Form RAO/RS(Rev.05)). The check will be completed by the Commission as part of the registration process.