Mortgage Authorized Official (Broker)

1. Qualification of Education and Experience:

(a) Must be an individual of good character;

(b) At least 18 years old;

(c) Have at least two years experience as a salesperson within the three years preceding date of application;

(d) Authorized Officials for Restricted Mortgage Brokers must enroll in and pass the Broker's Course as prescribed by the Registrar.

(e) Authorized Officials for Mortgage Brokers must provide the Registrar with a detailed resume and have management experience at a senior level.

(f) If the individual does not live in Manitoba, a written undertaking must be included that the individual will agree to appear in Manitoba on reasonable notice by the Registrar for any reason affecting the broker's or individual's business or conduct in Manitoba.

2. Application for Registration:

(a) Complete and file an application with the Registrar on the approved form, under the sponsorship of a licensed mortgage broker;

(c) Submit the registration fee of $400 (annual renewal fee is $400).

3. Police Check:

Applicants must provide a completed Criminal Record Check Form (this form is part of the application for registration). The check will be completed by the Commission as part of the registration process.